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Loft Beds

Dock48 offers kids loft beds in a variety of sizes and colors.  Our kids loft beds are meant to grow with a family's changing needs.  Our loft beds are versatile as the lower bed can easily roll out allowing a child to have more room underneath the bed to place additional storage options or room to play.  


The Multifunction Loft Bed has a twin size upper bed and can accommodate a twin or full size as the lower bed.  The staircase on the Multifunction can be attached on either side of the bed.


The Student Loft Bed has a twin size upper bed and accommodates a twin size lower bed.   The original Student Loft has a desk on one side and a 5 drawer chest with shelves on the other.  The Student Loft II provides additional storage by having a two 5 drawer chest with shelves on both sides.  The staircase option for the Student Loft adds extra storage and safety for children.  

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